• Sarah

Recycling you can wear

Updated: Aug 22

I kid you not…..beautifully soft t-shirts and sweatshirts made from recycled plastic bottles!

I’m an ardent recycler. Drop into my studio or call on me for a cuppa at home and you’re likely to find at least one shopping bag filled with shopping bags, a box with bits of bubble wrap and a windowsill full of old jars turned into tea light holders… I can’t seem to live with the idea of throwing anything away that can technically find new life elsewhere. So, I stash like a seasoned hoarder, at least until I can rehome or have enough rubbish for a trip to our local recycling centre.

Same goes for my clothes, I love a splurge as much as the next person, but my clothes have to have some lasting power so anything I can’t “update” with a restyle is dropped off to a lovely lady called Heather (well to be honest I call her mum) who repurposes old textiles into childrenswear for her sustainable children’s brand