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Welcome to Sugar Reef

Hi there and welcome to Sugar Reef, a proudly British brand where every garment will fly the flag for ethical manufacturing because we want doing the right thing to be as easy as buying a new pair of jeans.

Some of you will already know me, I am retail support consultant Sarah, the founder of www.Sugarreefconsulting.co.uk.

Juggling a job, running a consultancy and starting a new business during lockdown has been a challenge and an emotional roller coaster of excitement, frustration and determination. When I first decided to go ahead with a retail brand, I will be honest, I had underestimated just how much effort would be required because I have to run 2 sets of accounts, 2 sets of social media 2



This is my heart and soul; my own boutique has been a long-held dream, I want it to define individuality and focus on clothes from independent local designers on a concession basis, along with my own brand of sustainable womenswear made in the UK.

Our new online store currently offers a small collection of well-designed clothes by British brands - what are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.

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